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Wow, last time I wrote I said that I wanted to make this the most memorable summer ever.

Boy, has it been.


In the last two months, I have been touring the country promoting Electric and have had the time of my life. It all started off with a trip to Pennsylvania to play Croc Rock and open up for Aaron Carter & Greg Raposo. I can't believe that I was offered an opportunity to do this show and was beyond honored to get to share the stage with people that I grew up watching and listening to. Both guys were awesome - I had actually seen Greg in concert twice before. Once at Connor Prarie and once in Chicago...and stood in his meet and greet line to meet him, so it was pretty crazy that all this time later, we were doing a show together. Aaron I had grown up knowing from the days when Tabitha was in love with Nick, so it was even crazier that he was on the bill too.

A bunch of my East Coast friends were at the show - Joyce, Janine, Becca, Cara, and my friend Isaiah rode up with me, so it was great to have familiar faces in the audience as well as a lot of East Coast fans that have been to my stuff before. It was one of those moments where you step back and go "wow, this is really happening!"

After the show, Greg congratulated me, and shortly after that, Aaron and I were introduced upstairs. He told me that he loved my sound and that I had a great set. I told him thanks and then realized - he watched my set? He told me that since he had finished the meet and greet right before I went on, he stayed down and watched my set from the back (since I kicked off the show) and really liked it. Coolest moment ever. I know it sounds dorky, but coming from an artist who I had never worked with or met before - and this being the first time I did an opening set with my new material, it meant a TON to have him say that. Definitely felt validating and for the first time I was like "this is what I've been working for!"

Needless to say, Greg and Aaron killed it and I learned so much watching their sets. Definitely was a night to remember.

After the show, I went back to the hotel and took off back home the next morning. After being home a couple days, I got an e-mail and found out that I would be going on a 5 week nationwide mall tour and headlining my own shows in each city! DREAM COME TRUE!!! It was called the "Shop Til You Rock Tour" and was sponsored by GGP Malls, Pepsi, and Gamestop. I would be doing two half an hour sets at GGP malls across the country. I grew up going to Simon D-Tour mall shows when I was a kid, so the fact that I would be getting to headling my own version of the shows I went to growing up...unreal. I literally cried after I signed my contract I was so happy.

Tour was amazing from start to finish - from the second I stepped on stage in Baton Rouge at the Mall of Louisiana til I sang my last song in Tallahassee, and I came home knowing in my heart that I lived my dream. I had accomplished what I had been working for and dreaming about my whole life.

Definitely a summer to remember...not just that, but one I'll never forget.
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