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Recently discovered how much I love Gavin DeGraw's "Chariot (Stripped)" album.

I'm gonna love you more than anyone...I'm gonna hold you closer than before...
...Look in my eyes, what do you see? Not just the color, look inside of me.

Beautiful. I usually don't have nights like this, but I just wanna light a few candles, listen to the piano, and sit in the dark.

I like the fact that I've been writing in this more again. I feel like it's good to keep track of things and actually have something to look back on, and to get everything out in the moment.

I think my whole attitude has changed lately - maybe not my attitude - but my focus, and I'm trying to simplify everything, be as productive as possible, and enjoy each moment for what it is. Not only that, but I'm also trying to make more moments to enjoy

I can't keep letting life pass by without those I love knowing how important they are to me, and how much I love them. I can't keep letting life pass by without living it, without making my memories, and embracing each moment.

So light your candles, breathe in, turn off your lights, relax, turn on your music, and listen. It'll change things.
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