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pgchris's Journal

My name's Chris.

I guess is the part where I'm supposed to say something, but what is there to say? Just read my journal and you'll know a lot more about me than you'll learn from anything I write here. :)
*nsync, abercrombie, acting, american idol, ana maria lombo, angela peel, anna maria la spina, avril lavigne, beach balls, ben affleck, ben savage, best friends, billie myers, boy meets world, britney, broadway, cameras, canadians, cars, cereal, cheesecake, cherie, chicken, choreography, christina aguilera, christina milian, coffee, cologne, concerts, confidence, cookie dough ice cream, craig kilborn, crushed ice, dancing, danielle fishel, darren hayes, diane warren, disco lights, dr. pepper, drama, dreams, driving, drums, e-mail, e-mail surveys, ed (the tv show), eden's crush, evan taubenfield, evanescence, eyes, fanta, fridays, frozen yogurt, girls, glowsticks, graham crackers, guitars, gummi sharks, hair gel, hanging with friends, happiness, hats, highlighted hair, hollister, honesty, hoodies, ice dancing, inside jokes, ivette sosa, jason mraz, jennifer paige, josh hartnett, kaci, kate beckinsale, katie webber, keeping promises, kelly clarkson, kelly ripa, laughing, lava lamps, lyrics, magazines, maile misajon, mandy moore, marcus, matthew brann, meredith edwards, michelle branch, microphones, mtv, music videos, new year's eve, nicole scherzinger, o-town, one tree hill, orbit gum, pac sun, parachute pants, pearl harbor (the movie), performing, pf changs, pgchris, photoshoots, pillows, pool, popsicles, popstars, publicity, punk rock, pyrotechnics, radio, rj helton, rollerblading, rosanna tavarez, ryan cabrera, ryan merriman, savage garden, shae-lynn borne, shania twain, simple plan, simplicity, singing, skateboarding, sleeping, snocones, soccer, soluna, speakerphones, spinfire, spoons, stars, staying up late, sunglasses, swivel chairs, talking, the olympics, the pussycat dolls, theatre, trust, tyler hoechlin, u.s.a, vanessa carlton, vcr's, video cameras, videocameras, volleyball, walking, water, webpages, yearbooks