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Sunday morning. I've already been up and working for three hours, and its only 10:30 in the morning. I guess that's how it goes, though.

I've been listening to Savage Garden all weekend, and I can't get enough. I've always loved them, but really paid attention to a couple songs I usually skipped, and realized how amazing they are.

It's the simple things, y'know?

I'm sitting in an empty building, drinking cucumber water (thanks iCarly....haha), and realizing what my life has become. I think I need to stop making myself miserable in order to accomplish some crazy long term goal, and remember that you also need to live in and for the moment.

I guess today has just kind of been the first day in a while where life has been partly calm and peaceful. I've had time to think and reflect at a time of day other than midnight or after, when my mind is racing at a million miles an hour, and I'm so tired, I can't think straight.

It makes you wonder, though, y'know? What is life all about? I say I'm happy, but I'm honestly not fulfilled. I feel like I'm constantly fighting to stay afloat. I was telling someone that the other day and it got me thinking - what WILL make me feel fulfilled? What am I chasing? A career? Love? A dream? Reality? What?

I feel like I look at where I am not - at 24 - and I never thought this is where I'd be. At the same time though, I can't help but look back and be amazed with all I've been able to do. I kind of feel like I lived life out of order, because I got to live so many of my dreams so young and so quickly. Now, there's a struggle to find fulfillment in normality and everyday life.

I'm just ready to get there.
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