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I was just sitting here thinking about how Heather and I used to updated these things together all the time. Hahaha...I miss that kid. It just made me laugh because its been a while since I wrote last.

Christmas is coming!!!! There's snow on the ground already, all the radio stations are blasting Christmas music, and I'm loving it! Last year didn't seem like Christmas at all, and I didn't really have a Thanksgiving this year because I was in Illinois to tape a parade, so I guess I'm just ready for Christmas. I've already got two presents wrapped and I'm making my list for Christmas cards so I'm amped. Angie and I drove around last night scouting out locations for our Christmas light viewings, so its just feeling like Christmas. Its awesome!!! I also was the Grand Marshall of the Santa Claus Parade in Peoria, Illinois, which is the longest running Christmas parade in the country, so that was awesome too! I think everybody's just ready for Christmas!

Life has been busy lately. Lots of stuff going on, but its been good! I just hope things keep going well! I think I'm going back to LA this weekend, so that should be fun.

I guess that's about it, really. Just ready for the holidays! Hope everybody's doin well!
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