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So far the year's been good to me.

I spent the first weekend in Georgia for a benefit concert for a community center's drama program. Obviously, it was a rad cause, and it was cool because Joey, Chris, and Zoe were doing the show, and Larry was obviously there since he lives down there, so it was a flippin awesome weekend! I got to host the show. We all got to hang out and it was just a really nice time. Shannon came down with me, so it was a really fun trip! The show was sold out, we all had a good time chillin', and most importantly, there were TONS of laughs. "Shalom!" hahahahahaha

Not a lot has happened really. I haven't done much, but things are going pretty well. Next month should be pretty exciting. I got Kelly Clarkson tickets, so I'm definitely excited about seeing her show here in a couple weeks!

Been hanging out with Angah like it's my job. That's been a lot of fun!!! We've essentially been doing nothing, but it's been fun.

That's really about it. I'm ready for a vacation and some warm weather, so hopefully both of those things happen soon. I guess I should probably get some sleep.

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